If you yourself or someone you know works as a barista, you may be beyond tired of puzzling over the question of how you can attract more customers. For example, you work here for several years, and your coffee shop probably already offers a range of coffee beans based on past experience and customer demand. But it is never too late to make sure you have a basic set of:

Fair trade coffee – this type of coffee will cost more, because it is grown and harvested on farms that work on the basis of strict ethical principles, which means that farmers are fairly paid for their work. People who care about social justice will be willing to pay the full price for such coffee.

Espresso blend – it is a combination of several different types of highly roasted beans specifically for use in espresso machines. Coffee made from such blend will have a rich and bold taste and will appeal to coffee connoisseurs.

Organic coffee – such coffee is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, and those visitors who are concerned about the state of the environment will be willing to pay for it.

Single origin coffee – as a rule, such coffee is collected in a certain region of a particular country, and it has an original taste. To give an example, coffee beans from Colombia give the taste caramel and chocolate notes, and for a pronounced sourness, it is better to take coffee beans from Kenya or Costa Rica. In addition, you can offer customers to buy green coffee beans – such beans are stored longer, and the client himself will be able to regulate the degree of their roasting at home to get a cup of coffee with a unique flavor. You could even make something akin to a promotional event, giving people different kinds of single origin coffee made on the spot with freshly roasted beans. You can also find out more about the coffee by yourself – for example, getting directly to a farm that produces coffee https://festcoffeemission.com/en/mission/.

Whether you choose a method which is based on your clients values or on their curiosity for a new taste, remember that your experiments should also be based on customer preferences – it makes no sense to take a lot of coffee beans with spicy notes when for years the most popular blend in this area is a coffee made from freshly roasted beans with balanced taste and slight nutty notes. And vice versa.