There’s a stereotype about musicians that they know how to party. And while we’re reluctant to generalize, we suspected that rock stars might have some insight into one of Saturday morning’s oldest questions: What should I eat to cure this raging hangover? So to get some professional, definitely scientific insight, we asked some of our favourite musicians about what sort of greasy breakfast bomb they crave to dull the pain and what restaurant does it best.

Chris Kilmore (Incubus, DJ Kilmore): Turkey Burger with a Fried Egg

Like Incubus’ DJ Kilmore, we are also indebted to Postmates and food-delivery services when we feel physically and emotionally unable to leave the house. “My go-to hangover breakfast is a turkey burger with a fried egg, French fries and a hot breakfast tea with honey,” he said. “It does me wonders. When at home, I usually Postmates it from The Commoncy. It’s a little cafe spot in Studio City. When I’m on tour, I ask the caterers to make it for me. Either way, I’m not usually going to any spot when I’m hungover.”

Ryan Hemsworth: Shakshouka

The Canadian producer likes to keep it low-key after a rough night. For him, the Toronto board game bar Snakes & Lattes and a few beers (he’s partial to Howe Sound Lager) is all he needs. The first thing he does when he wakes up with that headache? “A deep, deep sigh.” After that’s out of the way, he’ll head down the street for his breakfast cure. “I don’t want some normal-ass eggs for breakfast,” he said. “I want chicken and waffles for breakfast, or brisket, or shakshouka. Rosedale Diner is walking distance from my apartment and has the most condensed, perfect menu I’ve ever found, with all of that stuff.” Ya heard. And like any good Canadian (writer guilty here,) he pairs it with a Caesar. Sub the vodka for gin for extra hair-of-the-dog points.

Nathan Williams (Wavves): Breakfast Burrito

While Wavves’ Nathan Williams likes to celebrate with Yamazaki 18 Year, he’s secure enough to admit his favorite guilty pleasure drink is the lemon drop. But no matter if he shoots Japanese whisky or lemony shots of vodka, the next day the only thing he wants is a breakfast burrito. But not from just anywhere. “Tony’s, formerly Santanas, in Pt. Loma [San Diego] has a breakfast burrito called ‘the buenos dias’ that is a gift to the earth,” he said. A little more north? “In L.A., I do Burger Lords.”

Kranium: Ackee and Saltfish

While you may catch reggae-dancehall artist Kranium imbibing on his choice of red wine and kush in Jamaica, Queens’ Club Dubai, the next day all he craves to curb the pain is a traditional Jamaican dish. “My favorite is ackee and saltfish at Rockhouse Hotel in Negril [Jamaica],” he said. “Breakfast outside my room with a sexy girlfriend close to me.” If that’s not enough, maybe try his second go-to cure: “Mango juice with a spliff.”

Juan Alderete: Pozole

Bassist Juan Alderete has made a name for himself for killing it with everyone from The Mars Volta to Deltron 3030 and Domo Genesis, but after he’s had too much of his favourite drink, rosé Champagne, there are only two cures: exercise and Mexican food. “There’s a spot in a grocery-store strip mall in Pasadena called Urbano Mexican Kitchen that I love—their chips and salsa are so damned good I could eat them all day,” he said. “I usually get their pozole or carne asada tacos on thick, handmade corn tortillas. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.”

Dan the Automator: Tacos

From fish tacos with creamy lime guacamole to crispy fried chicken-filled tacos, here are the best taco recipes for a homemade Cinco de Mayo.

When it comes to drinking, Dan the Automator believes in what he calls “proactive prevention,” and we’re on board. “When I see a big night developing, I drink as much water as I can throughout the course of the evening,” he said. “I know some people talk about drinking a glass of water with every drink, but I’m talking a decanter with every drink at points.” As for his occasional hangovers, he counts on Mexican, no matter where his is. “When in in New York City, the cart at 2nd and A,” he said. “In San Francisco: Taqueria Vallarta. In Los Angeles: Loteria Grill for their chilaquiles or maybe Roy Choi’s truck, Kogi. I should also say, going along with my preventative planning, that tacos can also be consumed at 3 or 4 am.”

Blue Hawaii: Caldo de Res and Classic English Breakfast

Electronic music duo Blue Hawaii’s Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex “Agor” Cowan may make beautiful music together, but their hangover fixers of choice come from opposite sides of the globe. Cowan gravitates towards Los Poblanos in Glendale, California. “Get the Caldo de Res and an Agua de Jamaica,” he said. “Kind of an insane choice first thing in the day, but it replenishes everything you’re missing, and you feel better later.” For Standell-Preston, the cure is completely British. “E Pellicci on Bethel road in London,” he said. “They do the most amazing classic English breakfast and Italian coffee in this beautiful art deco worker’s café. Pro tip? “Nev, who runs the spot, will sometimes give you a piece of his mother’s homemade cake wrapped in wax paper to take home.”

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